A Total Complement of Hotel Cloud-Based Telephony!

Time Clock Solutions Hospitality Solutions brings you state-of-the-art communications systems and services via the cloud with enhanced guest phone services functionality. Many hotel properties are still using outdated, expensive and difficult-to-maintain legacy PBXs. With Time Clock Solutions's Hospitality Solutions, hotels can continue to use existing in-room analog phones and choose to either keep, or replace their existing PBX. With either solution, the hotel gains new VoIP functionality, a significant reduction in monthly phone bills, and the potential to increase occupancy and nightly revenues by marketing unique and differentiated guest communications / concierge services that can include unlimited local and long distance calling.

Time Clock Solutions becomes your new phone company in the cloud, and our uniquely priced calling plans provide you with unprecedented cost and operational savings.

The Time Clock Solutions system is so inextensive that you can make unlimited calling a major guest attraction! What do you get in return – more business guests and even a higher room rate due to this unique guest benefit.

Time Clock Solutions Hospitality Solutions deliver a full hospitality suite of features, plus you get to keep your existing analog room phones, and it also seamlessly connects to your hotel's PMS Guest system. This certified interface will allow you to manage your guests through the systems you are currently using. The Time Clock Solutions hybrid on-premise/cloud architecture ensures the lowest cost and unsurpassed reliability.